Sara “Lizzy” Petherbridge, MS, LCMHCA “School Based Therapist”

Sara “Lizzy” Petherbridge, MS, LCMHCA “School Based Therapist”

I am a dedicated mental health professional with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health from Prescott College, specializing in trauma and somatic experiences. With a passion for helping others foster life-long coping skills, self-actualization, and a restored passion and zest for life.

My practical experience encompasses working with children and adolescents, from a diverse background, within a school environment, as well as assisting adults facing challenges such as family conflict, substance abuse, and profound trauma. These experiences have honed my ability to provide compassionate support and guidance to individuals navigating complex life circumstances.

My true passion lies in helping people discover fulfillment and empowerment in their lives. I am committed to fostering self-discovery, self-appreciation, and resilience. I continue to seek opportunities for growth and innovation in the field of clinical mental health, with a dedication to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those I serve.

Contact Information:

Phone: 252-656-5799